2015.12.31 Thursday


Your talent and power is quite exceptional but is not always easy to handle. A strong base is needed to support your energy and drive. Discipline, intention and love are needed to achieve things with a feeling of peace and accomplishment.
Your personal color resonates with gratitude and humility. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Brittany Blue helps dissolve the line s of separation and loneliness that people sometimes feel. It reminds you to appreciate your gifts and helps you feel connected to the world.

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2015.12.30 Wednesday


Your ability to make people stand up and take notice is one of your many gifts. You are able to convey ideas and opinions to the masses. Communicating life’s truths is one of your many pleasures. Unique and colorful, people don’t often forget you once they have met you. Your verbal agility is quite rare.
Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with the color Sunburn helps you channel the creative and sensitive side of your personality in a healthy and balanced manner.

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2015.12.29 Tuesday


Talented and versatile, you are a great entertainer. Your natural spunk makes you a favorite at any social function. Although you can appear outgoing to others, you are also very sensitive with a need to retreat and re-energize. The challenge of having two very different qualities to your personality can at times feel overwhelming. The desire to be alone, coupled with the need for a mate, is another challenge you some timed face.
Your personal color helps you step forward with confidence. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Purple Haze allows you to join with another person without the fear of losing your individuality.

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2015.12.28 Monday


Born to lead and inspire, you do well at the head of the class. You are charismatic and self-assured and can move through different parts of society with ease and confidence. Most people born on this day are hardworking and driven. Try not to let your confidence and sense of purpose lead you to doing everything yourself. Security and a sense of belonging are important to your well-being.
Your personal color helps you stay flexible and open to the unexpected. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Viridian Green helps you guard against being stubborn or emotionally unavailable.

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2015.12.27 Sunday


Your mind is sharp and discriminating. Although you are capable of making good judgments, there are times when you are idealistic in regard to relationships. Be sure to connect with people that love and support you. You have a unique way of expressing yourself and people find you interesting and distinct. You have a dry sense of humor that shows off your quick intellect and perception.
Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with the color Turkish Tile helps you stay lighthearted and inspired while reminding you to believe in yourself and others.

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2015.12.26 Saturday


It is best for you to be in a position of authority. It is not a great idea for you to be following someone else’s rules. Courageous and complex, you are not always easily understood. You want to know what makes things tick. You are concerned about the core of a situation not in the appearance of things. Part of your challenge is to learn how to work with a partner. Receptivity and diplomacy are needed in your exchanges with others.
Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with the color Larkspur helps you combine your depth with subtlety and grace.

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2015.12.25 Friday


You were born with a nice mix of intuition and practicality. It is important for you to feel financially secure and grounded. No amount of wealth, status or achievement will be enough if you have not cultivated the spiritual side of your nature. Stability, home and love are all very important to you. You are loyal, dependable and giving, once you have accepted a person into you intimate circle of life.
Your personal color reminds you to stay connected to the spiritual side of life. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Hunter Green helps calm any financial or mundane worries that you may feel.

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2015.12.24 Thursday


Sensual and alluring, people are drawn to you. You need creative outlets to express yourself so life doesn’t become too dramatic. There are times when you may have to face a lot of responsibilities. Some of these can be overwhelming if you do not have a secure foundation and a strong spiritual connection.
Your personal color helps you stay encouraged and optimistic. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with the color Green Spruce reminds you to share your talents so that you feel useful and productive.

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2015.12.23 Wednesday


You have an enterprising spirit and can capitalize on your talents. Although you can be friendly and good-natured, much of your personality and feelings remain hidden from the outside world. Money and power often come easily to you as you focus and make your mark in the world. It is important for you to feel that you are doing something meaningful and that you are connected to something bigger than yourself.
Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with aspen Green helps you stay linked to friends and family as you share your gifts with the world at large.

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2015.12.22 Tuesday


You have an uncanny ability to build and persevere once you decide where you are going and what you want in life. Security and material success is something that needs to be addressed and cultivated. Manifesting your ideas is an important part of your evolution. Trust and patience will be two of your strongest allies.
Your personal color reminds you that being in nature is vital to your well-being. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with the color Evergreen helps you align with healthy energy and prosperity.

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